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18 tips FOR PROMOTING your website! (Part 2)

It is a fact that there are too many ways to increase your website’s traffic. But which are the best ones? We gathered them and are presenting them to you in a series of 3 “episodes”.

The main principal is to:

Find out where your target group on the internet is located, and focus your efforts on that!

Tip: You can always change the content to another format. For example, a page can be converted to an article or a blog post and then to an email, then to a podcast or video podcast or video after becoming syndicated and bookmarked on social media!

Enough said! Let’s continue with Episode 2!

  1. Give Free Software, Templates

FREE! FREE sells a lot, right? (We know it sounds ironic :-D)

Use free offers smartly. For example, you can give a free website design, free blog design, free twitter or YouTube account setup, free LinkedIn business page setup with the requirement to put a link of your website.

You can do the same with other content such as giving free images, scripts, and videos.

If you want to offer a free program, this program may have a link to your site (it may appear somewhere in the main interface, in a popup window or somewhere else).

  1. Traffic Recycling & 404 Error Pages

If you have multiple websites you can send visitors from one site to another. What you should not do under any circumstances is maintaining pages without redirecting visitors to another page or website/s. Do not expect visitors to think about their next step, you have to guide them.

Inform them for your offer or some other website you own (you could also do it on autoresponder emails, etc.).

Something else you can use is 404 pages. But what is a 404 page?

If a visitor attempts to go to a page on your website that does not exist, a page with a 404 error (depending on your server and theme settings) will come out.

This page is an ideal place to guide the visitor where you want them to go. For example, “This page does not exist but you may be interested in the free …. (put your imagination to work!)”

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Find some people to promote your products and services in exchange for a commission (for example give 15% commission).

Learn how to promote and market your website!

Setting up your profile / account on a platform or an Affiliate Network (like Commission Junction) is not enough. You should provide all the necessary tools and knowledge to your affiliates. For example, by offering a free webinar tutorial on affiliate marketing. Another good idea is to give them ready-made promotional texts, banners, emails, etc. which they can use.

Basically, what happens with Affiliate programs is that your affiliates get a special link redirecting to your website in order to promote your products; this way you can recognize which affiliate sends you which customers (try signing up for an affiliate like CJ.com).

The better you train your affiliates, the better the rewards you get from them.

  1. JVs – Joint Ventures

JV looks a lot like affiliate marketing; thus there is not much more things to analyze about it. JV is the so-called joint venture.

Good JV = Good Profit

This cooperation can take place on many levels. The simplest is to find the affiliates that bring you the most profits and reward them with better incentives and more privileges for them.

Another concept is that you can send traffic from one page to another via blog posts, email, etc. You can also preach it even more and create a strategic alliance.

  1. Free Classifieds

There are many websites to place free ads all over the world. In many of those websites you can advertise your products and services by putting a direct or indirect link; while you can also do it outside the web.

  1. RSS

Do you have a blog or a dynamic website? Then it’s very likely that your content is also automatically generated in another form, called RSS. RSS allows Really Simple Syndication. In other words, other users can easily read your latest news with their favorite RSS Feeder; so you don’t need to write to their email or fill out a form.

Moreover, with RSS, your content can be easily republished on another website, and you can get more out of it. It’s easy to pull RSS content if you have WordPress or Joomla.

To let people know that you have RSS, add a distinct link or icon on your homepage. Also, submit it in some way like FeedPing.com.

  1. Traffic Exchanges

You are sending traffic -> someone else sends traffic to you. The more people you make a traffic exchange deal the better for you, but keep in mind that it has to be a quality and mutually beneficial agreement.

Basically what happens is something like: “I send you 10,000, you send me 10,000”, but there are several versions.

The easiest way to make this traffic exchange is with banners. There are scripts that automate the process and are very practical.

There are also networks for traffic exchange as there are for link exchange. We personally prefer direct deals with other webmasters.

  1. Directory Submissions

Submit your website to as few as possible but good site directories.

If there are niche directories you can use them! If there are local catalogs at your place that is also a good opportunity.

Some foreign catalogs are worthwhile.

Mind that it’s not certain that your application will be accepted on free directories. There are also paid directories or paid listings in “free” directories with better viewing odds.

Some directories may require to put a link of their website on your website.

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