18 tips FOR PROMOTING your website! (Part 2)
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18 tips FOR PROMOTING your website! (Part 3)

It is a fact that there are too many ways to increase your website traffic. But which are the best? We gathered the best and will present them to you in a series of 3 “episodes”.

The main principal is to:

Find out where your target group is on the internet, and focus your efforts there!

Tip: You can always change the content to another format. For example, a page can be converted to an article or a blog post and then to an email, then to a podcast or video podcast or video after becoming syndicated and bookmarked on social media!

Enough said! Let’s continue with the Last Episode!

  1. Social Bookmarking & News

Perhaps you’ve seen great international social bookmaking and news websites like Digg.

At social bookmarking sites, make a short entry for a page on your website (any page!) With a title, description, and link. You may also be asked to define the category that belongs in and the relevant keywords.

Other users can see the social bookmark and follow the link. They can also vote for it, comment or share it with other members in the social bookmarking site.

  1. Blogs & Guest Blogging

As we wrote at the beginning, if you are not able to add pages to your main website, create a blog and add content there.

Sometimes this is the smartest strategy… You can put useful tips on the blog and post them on your site.

You can also promote your associate’s websites… There is much you can do with a blog like building a more personal touch.

Do not forget that search engines love blogs a lot!

A post on another website helps with SEO. Contact other blogs and ask them if they are interested in offering them content in exchange for a link to your site.

  1. Blog Commenting

There is a very simple methodology for blog commenting. Find blogs related to your subject (google it). Prefer sites with good PR and Alexa Rank. Then put in the blog posts quality comments that show that you actually read the article (be careful of the comments you will write ;-))

In the name area put your name (and maybe the keyword you want) and on the website put your website’s url. Prefer Brand Keywords rather than explicit anchor texts, ie “My Company” and not “What I Sell”.

Simple and beautiful!

Your comment would be good to state your view to the debate.

  1. Video Marketing

Make keyword research. Make videos about the topics related to your target group and post them to your website and to Video sites like Youtube or Vimeo.

In the video you can add a line with the address of your website. Write a long description rich in keywords. Put plenty of related tags. You can also put the URL of your webpage in the video description!

Do not forget that the same video can be also shared to other websites (Flickr, metacafe, Vimeo…)

A practical way to make a video is to convert a Powerpoint presentation to a a video.

  1. Podcasts

A podcast is usually like a mini-radio show.

Do not forget to tell interesting information to your audience.

  • BONUS – Social Media – Social Networking

Forums, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr and more!

The purpose in these social networks is to make many connections. You can convert leads to customers or you can use social networks to connect with existing customers, potential partners, etc.

Because of their nature, forget about everything that has to do with an official professional style. You need to emphasize in personal contact and show that you really care about your customers and partners.

* We would love to hear your opinion and / or your experience!

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