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18 tips FOR PROMOTING your website! (Part 2)
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18 tips FOR PROMOTING your website! (Part 1)

Read our ideas on how you can market and promote your website online!

It is a fact that there are too many ways to increase your website’s traffic. But which are the best ones? We gathered them and are presenting them to you in a series of 3 “episodes”.

The main principal is to:

Find out where your target group on the internet is located, and focus your efforts on that!

Tip: You can always change the content to another format. For example, a page can be converted to an article or a blog post and then to an email, then to a podcast or video podcast or video after becoming syndicated and bookmarked on social media!

Enough said! Let’s get started!

  1. Search Engines & Excellent Search Engine Optimized Content

There is too much of a fuss about SEO lately, right? Everyone thinks that it’s the next BIG THING! Everybody thinks that just having an optimized page for Google, will be a surge of customers to their website.

Is that true; Maybe…

The best way to get traffic from Search Engines is to analyse what people are looking for on the Internet and it is relevant to your subject. Specifically, what are the keywords with potential profit and a good number of monthly searches that your target group is looking for? Once you have completed the keyword-research, you should group these keywords into a relevant group.

Finally, the most important part: Make separate pages for each one of those keywords.

You can’t just create 5 or 6 pages and say “OK, that’s enough”. We wish it was that simple! If you really want to gain more traffic from search engines you have to create MANY pages; even 100 may be a small number, but that does not mean that you have to create all the pages at once. You can add a few new pages every day or every week.

If you can’t create these pages on your own website, add them to another website and add a link to your main website. For example, you can create a blog on or Blogger for this purpose.

Make sure that the content of the pages has good quality, that it’s different from what is already on the Internet, and lastly, that it is optimized for search engines.

  1. Article Marketing – Writing, Publishing & Social Sharing

Article marketing is considered as one of the best promotional methods internationally. By writing articles (like the pages we mentioned above) you will attain more traffic, back-links and better search engine rankings.

The reason why is that each article will display your name and the link to your website! If you’re bored of writing articles you can change your website’s pages in another form or hire someone to do it for you. You can also hire companies that will submit your article to the article directories that you desire.

The next step – after publishing the article – is to share it on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  1. Email Marketing & Auto-respondents

Learn how to promote and market your website!

Email is one of the best ways to bring visitors to your site. We do not mean spamming!

You have to give people a reason to register in your newsletter, such as a free e-book, free information, a free program, a discount, maybe a participation in a competition, etc. You can use a fill-in form for their details or a popup or both.

What are the Auto-respondents? You can predefine the first messages that you want your email subscribers to receive, and the time that you want them to receive those emails.

For example, the first message can be immediately sent after signing up saying “Thanks”, while the second one may be sent after a week or so asking if the subscriber has successfully taken the free offer.

Make sure that each email has a unique purpose and its subject is “catchy”.

You can also agree with other marketers to put links to your website or the other way around (within affiliate marketing, JVs or traffic exchange as we will explain in the next “episode”) in their auto-respondent.

  1. Viral Marketing – EBooks, Reports, Unique Content, Very High ROI

Viral Marketing is “W.O.M. – Word Of Mouth” on the Internet. Why someone would refer to you online, though?

For example, you may have extremely useful content on your website, you may have an incredible offer or it may be a super funny thing and he wants to show it to his friends.

You can give an e-book or a program of yours for free, and those who download it can offer it to their friends or family.

Sometimes in order to gain more traffic to your website this way, you have to do something very original or something that touches the limits of the madman.

Use scripts for “Tell a Friend”. Also, if you give something for free, you may want someone to share it first from 2 to 5 friends before getting it or Share / Post it on their Social Media Account.

  1. Press Releases

If you have a company and you are preparing something new, like a new innovative product or an important service, a good ideas is to send a press release presenting it to the world.

There are specific journalistic rules to be followed on the Press Releases. You should begin with

Don’t forget to include a good reason for someone to visit your website for more information.

Come back to learn more on Episode 2 on the 14th of this month!

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  1. Mike says:

    Great job guys! Looking forward for the second episode! From my experience though Press Releases won’t bring you that much traffic unless you own an established business…

    • Jennifer says:

      That’s a very informative post (at least this episode)…. I will disagree with Mike because press releases work even small businesses. The most important parts that play the most significant role is first of all WHO writes the release and seconly where you publish it!

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