Taxation Structuring

"We will establish an efficient and solid taxation structure for your business"
Taxation Structuring

With the taxation structuring field changing rapidly across the globe, our team will help you create an efficient and solid structure which will adopt the OECD’s recommendations. Taking under consideration the complex legal and tax implications, our advisors will offer you options to choose from based on your preferences. You have the possibility to operate through a company, a partnership or a trust.

Our experts can do for you:

  • Restructure your existing business
  • Assist you in choosing the right structure
  • Optimize tax on personal income (from dividends/profits)
  • Analyze your business operating costs
  • Create a tax efficient exit strategy
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) *
  • Budgeting & Control*
  • *Our FP&A consultants can work either as a permanent member of your team or as individual consultants planning, analyzing, budgeting and controlling your company’s financials.

    By creating a taxation structure which is efficient and solid you will be able to eliminate any unnecessary taxes, you will be able to minimize your income or dividends tax and to budget your tax payments.